Branding, Packaging, Advertising
Art Direction
Caleb Heisey

As a newer company, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. This soda company's radically different product should not look like that of traditional soda. Because their sodas are sweetened with low carb/no sugar Monk Fruit, I researched Monk Fruit itself. As it turns out, Monk Fruit has a few different names: Lo Han Guo, Siraitia grosvenorii, and—Swingle Fruit. Enter “Swingle,” the hot new craze everyone will be talking about. Keto-friendly, delicious, and a great mixer for your mixer, Swingle is a must-have for your next get-together (after there is a vaccine and COVID is no longer a threat, of course). The logo plays with the idea of "single" and "swingle," with the curve of the w "swinging" around the top to create a more memorable wordmark.

Swingle Details: Typography and colors
Label Art: A greek statue reclining in an Eames chair, censored by oranges with an orange circle in the background. Label Art: A collage of a statue of a greek woman, cherries, a record player, and a red circle. Label Art: A collage of David, ginger plant, VW beetle, and a ginger colored circle. Label Art: A collage of statue ladies censored by lemons and limes, holding tennis rackets over a green circle. Label Art: A greek statue censored by passion fruits, collaged with a 70's jukebox and a pink circle.

The can art is “swinger” themed, combining the 60’s/70’s free love movement and Ancient Greek statues (another era of free love) in a kitschy yet sophisticated collage style that definitely invites the consumer to drink it on its own or as a mixer. Flip through the carousel to see the details!