Packaging, Illustration
Art Direction
Caleb Heisey

The positioning of this wine company was "the joys of being home," and if we're being real here—what's better about being home than traipsing around in your skivvies? NÜDWEIN (pronounced NOOD-VINE) is a bare (organic) wine company that also encourages its consumers to "bare it all," in the comfort and safety of their own homes, of course. The simple, no-frills illustrations and type pair well with this company's strict no-pants policy, and the bold flavors are sure to knock your socks off. Each variety has a cheeky name (PANTS-FREE PINOT GRIS, FULL-DISPLAY DRY ROSÉ, NO-BRA PETITE SYRAH) and playful copy on the back label. Because these are sassy wines that would make a good gift for your favorite nudist, one can also purchase a bottle in an untreated, bare wooden case.


Is there anything better than getting home, taking off your shoes, and subsequently taking off your pants then diving headfirst into a deep glass of sweet white wine? No, there isn’t. Drink NÜDWEIN.


Some days you just need to relax with a robust and chewy class of red. Specifically this one. If anyone calls, just tell them you already took your bra off. They’ll know what’s up. Drink NÜDWEIN.


Did you know that more people have spent time naked in 2021 than any other year since 100 BC? That’s not a fact, but we’re betting it’s true. Full-bodied and full of flavor, just like you. Drink NÜDWEIN.