Hi! It's Alex Dodge!

Once upon a time, I was an aspiring graphic designer…turned social worker turned Amish romance novel cover model—yes, really. Now I am finally getting my BFA in graphic design as originally planned. (It’s a long story, I’ll tell you over coffee.) Beyond design skills, my creative toolkit includes authenticity, playfulness, dry wit, clever details, and bold, informed concepts. My social work background gives me a unique perspective that I feel helps me anticipate how designs will be perceived, and I’m always ready to act as a mentor to my peers!

Before the pandemic, you could always find me attending concerts (bi-weekly—miss u, Union Transfer), going out to get sushi, or going to the movies. Maybe traveling too. Now—well, if you know where I live you can find me. But I’ve gotten pretty decent at roller skating and my pets are happy that I’m home all the time!

Design things I like:

Illustration / typography / collage / poster design / branding / word play / publishing / web design / UI/UX design

Other things I like:

My Partner, Baron / Our Pets / Roller Skating / Movies (I Will Unravel the Plot of Any Film Within the First 10 Minutes of Watching, Guaranteed) / Music / Cooking Fairly Legit Ramen / Eating Asian Cuisine / Thinkin’ About Thos Beans