Hi! It's Alex Dodge!

I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer living in Philadelphia. Presently, I work remotely for AMP Agency, a digital advertising agency based in Boston, NYC, LA, and Chicago. Beyond design skills, my creative toolkit includes authenticity, playfulness, dry wit, clever details, and bold, informed concepts. My social work background gives me a unique perspective that I feel helps me anticipate how designs will be perceived, and I’m always ready to learn new and innovated skills to add to my repertoire.

Design things I like:

Illustration / typography / collage / poster design / branding / word play / publishing / web design / UI/UX design

Other things I like:

My Partner, Baron / Our Pets / Roller Skating / Movies (I Will Unravel the Plot of Any Film Within the First 10 Minutes of Watching, Guaranteed) / Music / Cooking Fairly Legit Ramen / Eating Asian Cuisine / Thinkin’ About Thos Beans